Act Of Practices

Lastly updated on: 20/06/2021 
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Ghost Recordz International Uninc. is an unincorporated European record label that does not gain profit as a business out of its practices. Our record label is maintained by several teams in which several (international) volunteers have been employed.

Acts of commerce and VAT

If you commit (direct) acts of commerce, you must be registered. As Ghost Recordz International does not engage in any acts of commerce, a registration for VAT or other applicable taxes are not applicable to Ghost Recordz.

Acts of commerce and VAT on royalties
Our distributors automatically take their cut from the earned royalties, as well as the applicable taxes for them to pay on our behalf to the concerning country/countries. Ghost Recordz International does not take a cut from artists their royalties, unless strictly stated on a distribution agreement to create a royalty split for any concerning individual.


Any contract/agreement concluded between you and Ghost Recordz is strictly linked between you, a representative & our terms & conditions. This means that you can break the contract/agreement at any time with an urgent reason after the first month of effect. (Unless strictly stated otherwise on contract/agreement) ​We assume that you have received permission from your parents / guardian when you enter the contract.

Entering into an agreement or contract is possible from the age of 14 with consent and/or a signature of a parent who is not a minor.